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Go 4x4

Come and experience the thrill and excitement of engaging in true offroading.

Bring your family, bring your friends, true 4x4 has never been this amazing.

 Nature is beautiful, but the most beautiful places can be hard to reach. But with a 4x4, as well as knowing how to use it, you can reach those hard-to-reach places.

We train individuals, as well as large groups, in handling your 4x4 in the most difficult of terrain.

 It not only remains a learning experience, but can function as the perfect family getaway.

Bring the kids along, they love the thrill in the veld, while the parents are barely holding on through ditches and over hills. After all the excitement, the day is ended with a braai and refreshments.

So why not come learn something new, enjoy a sociable day in nature,

and learn how to love true 4x4.

For Only

N$500 Per vehicle (for less than 10 vehicles)

N$450 per vehicle (for more than 10 vehicles)

N$150 per braai spot

More than 10 Vehicles in one group @ 300 per vehicle

Sleep over bungalow @ N$ 250 for two

Ablution facility included

For large groups talk to Leon

Other great ideas for the festive season

Drive, Braai, Camp outings @ N$450 per person.

Minimum 10 People

So make your booking today!